It has been long time coming

So, I have lately been quite busy but I am working with various hobby projects. And one project, DBA 3.0 armies, has reached a point where I get to actually play. The two armeis are Polybian Romans and Carthagians. Out of three games played thus far the Carthagians have won two encounters. The Romans are […]

Long time no see

It has been a while again. I am happy about the spring and I am also eagerly waiting for the summer to arrive. Springtime is just always such a difficult time for me. I feel that I could sleep around the clock, I feel like I get nothing done and my brain works at horribly slow […]

Copperhead tpb – the first

I had heard a lot of good things about the comicbook Copperhead and it had me a bit worried. When I happened to find the first trade paperback collection of the mentioned comic at the local library I thought to give it a try. Now, the reason I had been worried was that many times […]

Taking the shame out of the pile

Hello all! My name is Perttu and it seems that I should have a problem. It is something that seems to affect almost all miniature gamers and people with other hobbies involving a collecting aspect. It is of course accumulation of things that do not immediately go into use and which tend to pile up […]

Upcoming content

My 2021 has been on a great start. Hobby projects are going forward and I have gotten to play few games. Now that January is coming to an end I have been thinking that what kind of content should I continue with. So, I will continue the RPG epic and random reviews/photos etc. and I […]

Sunday in snow: Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar, how I love it. I know that many have very negative views of the game but for me it is the game that finally brought me to the hobby properly. I had been interested in miniature gaming for most of my life but never got to actually play. I had no friends […]

A RPG epic – part IV

Warning. Following text has SPOILERS. If you are planning to play the Pathfinder 2e. Beginner Box adventure Menace Under Otari, do not read following. You shouldn’t read this even though you arent going to play the adventure in question. Instead, go to the GM’s alcove or Dash of Elan on youtube and watch videos made […]

Saga of 2021 carries onward!

Finally I got to get to the table with my cool new books and freshly painted Anglo-Saxon and Viking troupes and see what this Saga game is all about. I just quickly read the basic rules and checked the battle boards of both sides and onward I went. What I found very nice about the […]

A RPG Epic Part III – What goes there?

Here again is the account of the Berik the dwarf from the Pathfinder 2e starter box adventure. If you are going to play this adventure do not read forward as it contains SPOILERS! Even if you are not going to play it or if you are a GM, please go to youtube and watch our […]

An attempt to produce better pictures

I decided to pick up photography as an hobby. Hopefully some nature photography as the summer finally arrives and in the meantime I could practise with my miniatures. So, here are few pictures I managed to take with hastily built background. Hopefully I get better and better results eventually.